My Grandmother Simone

To my grandmother Simone, who showed me to importance of cooking.

I remember seeing this little but agile woman cooking over the stove, she was so into it, I just couldn’t help but to watch her while feeling so hungry by the aromas of it. It smelled so good , I wanted to dip my finger in to taste it, gosh thoses days are wonderful memories.

She would go to her vegetables garden, to carefully pick few things and then back In her kitchen, her hands would be like a musician who’s about to start playing....

She would put wood into the stove, this was a bit like an old fashion aga, and would you believe, she still cooks on it! And the sounds of pots and pans, vegetables  cuttings, meat been browned, water boiling would start, how amazing to watch, she made it look so orchestrate and so easy, I suppose that’s her style of cooking, so simple but very yummy. Everything was freshly grown and reared in the farm.

And this is how it all started

Christine Girault